Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sky Kings

For class we had to make a fake CD cover for a fake band. I present the album Terra Firma by Sky Kings. They would probably be Folk sounding, maybe Indie Folk? Nevertheless if this were a real CD it would be the best Indie/Folk CD ever. But instead here's a link to The Cave by Mumford and Sons which will fit nicely. Also I don't know if there's a real band out there called Sky Kings but if there is you should make an album called Terra Firma.

Figure sketch

On Monday we had a model come in to our Interpretive Drawing class and we practiced drawing her costume. These are quick sketches, the top one took about 20 minutes and the one below about 10.
PS the skeleton behind the girl was actually there in the classroom, I thought it added mystery so I included it in the sketch.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Speed Paintings

These are some quick 10 minute speed copies we did in class of some of Luc Desmarchelier's work. I really like his style and I am extremely impressed with his colors. I want to do more copies of his stuff in the future to help me grasp his incredible knowledge of color.