Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Figure Drawing

      These are some drawings of the figure that are from both figure drawing and figure structure classes. I didn't have a scanner big enough to scan them in so I used a camera to take a quick picture. Between the terrible lighting in our apartments, the newsprint, and that fact that I don't draw dark enough sometimes, some of them look kinda funky. I messed with them in Photoshop enough that you can see most of the basic outline.
    These figure drawing classes have been a huge help. At first I was kind of reluctant to take figure drawing and I probably wouldn't have if it wasn't required. But I am always surprised to see how much my drawing skills improve by the end of a semester with a figure class. I'm actually starting to enjoy drawing the figure now (and not just thinking of it as medicine) but I still have a lot of improving to do. I guess the human figure is the ultimate drawing practice, maybe that's why the masters have been using it for hundreds of years. . .

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